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Removing The Back Up Key From Inside The Key Fob For A Stelvio Or Giulia

Remember the days when you had to use an actual key to unlock your car door....prehistoric right?! Well the fob battery will run out at some point and when it does you will be grateful of that little piece of metal!

If you have a ring fob attached with dangly things like your supermarket Club Card, photo of your, keys and fluffy items that have no other use but to basically just dangle then work the ring off of the remote fob.

Whilst pressing in both sides of the fob slide the black cover backwards.

Ta-da, the key is revealed!

Now you can gain entry to your car and access to your mobile phone to call your better half and ask them nicely to pick you up a battery as you are now late for your 'Zumba' class. If you have set the alarm it will GO OFF!

You can still start the car and turn off the alarm with a dead battery in the key fob. Lift up the central arm rest...

...and place the key over the profile as shown. Give it a couple of seconds then start the car, the alarm will automatically turn off.

Once home and in possession of a new battery, if you look at the small turntable that the key sat in it points to a symbol of a closed padlock.

Simply turn it anti clockwise to the symbol of the open padlock...

....and the cover pops off showing the battery.

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