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Changing A Damaged Wheel With A Space Saver On The Stelvio

Raise the boot and lift up the cover to the space saver by it's handle.

In the top left hand corner underneath the cover you will notice a small clip on a short belt, unclip it....

....and hook it over the top of the boot seal to hold up the cover.

Take out the long, orange, rectangular box. This is your road side reflective warning triangle.

Take the triangle from the container, assemble (it'll take you about one minute) and place at the distance recommended on the instructions. A chocolate tea pot springs to mind.....don't sneeze as it may blow over.

The locking wheel nut set is in the glove box.

Undo the retaining screw in the hub of the space saver and lift the wheel from the boot.

Take out the jack....

....and the winding arm.

You are also blessed with an electric pump.

Note how it's routed for when you put it back away.

It has a tyre valve connector and a power lead to fit the cigarette lighter port.

Plug the power lead into the port by the left hand boot interior light.

Screw the connector to the valve and turn the pump on. There's no point taking the wheel off if you find the space saver won't inflate.

The recommended tyre inflation pressure is on the space saver.

Loosen off all of the wheel nuts with the jacks winding arm.

This is the jacking point for the right hand rear. Place the jack into position...

...and wind him up.

Extract all of the wheel bolts.

Remove the wheel....

....and replace with the space saver. Replace the bolts, do them up and let down the car. Now the weight of the car is on the wheel you can tighten the wheel bolts up properly.

Once the wheel has been repaired and put back on your vehicle you can deflate the space saver and it will go back to it's original you can put it in the boot for next time.

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