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Checking Suspension, Steering, Hoses, Gaitors And Bodywork.

Take the engine cover off and give the engine an overall look checking for worn hoses, leaks, rubbing and anything obvious.

Take a strong hold of the font wheel and firmly push and pull it to check for play in the steering (both sides).

Check for broken coil springs, split boots and leaking shocks.

See if the brake hoses are perished (cracked).

Make sure the CV boots are clipped into place and have no splits....

...the same with the steering rack gaitors.

Check wishbone ball joints....

....and bushes for play.

Check for play in the drop links and anti roll bars.

Make sure the handbrake cable is resting fully in it's stop position.

Check the under carriage for rust/corrosion/holes, splits in the handbrake cables, holes in the exhaust and that the hangers are still in tact.

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