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Checking The Wiper Blades And Washer Jets On Your Alfa.

The 147 and 159 wiper motor linkages are prone for having weak arms on the right hand (drivers) side, they break on the 147 and the 159 wears out. Giulietta and MiTo rear wiper motors play up or stop working because the wires in the tail gate break.

Check the windscreen washer jets for direction and effectiveness. If they're low on pressure check them for dirt, if they are clean then check for a leak along the feed pipe and if the pump is working properly.

Examine the front wiper blades for contact with the screen, splits and general wear. If there's bad contact then check the wiper arms are securely connected to the wiper motor linkage.

If you have them check the headlight washer jets...

....the rear screen jet...

.....and the rear wiper blade.

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