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Changing the oil and filter on a Brera or 159 2.2JTS

Changing the oil and oil filter on a Brera or 159 2.2JTS.

Using the correct size socket undo the oil filter casing (circled in red).

Remove the oil filter, note how this filter has started to crush due to contamination.

Fit new oil seal on housing.

Clip new oil filter into housing and refit to vehicle.

To change the oil, first remove the oil filler cap and put it on the slam panel so you cant close the bonnet with it there. Then get the car to a suitable working height and make it safe. Once this is done remove the undertray, It is secured by lots of fastners.

Remove sump plug and drain oil into a suitable container and then dispose of the oil carefully, you council waste tip may have the facilities to do this for you.

Replace sump plug washer if damaged.

Re fit sump plug.

Fill engine with the correct ammount of oil, replace oil filler cap and run engine up to check for leaks.

Replace undertray and lower vehicle to the ground

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