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How to change a engine cooling radiator on an Alfa Romeo Brera/159

How to replace an Alfa Brera/159 radiator, this guide applies to all models and has a number of illustrations to help you do the job.





First you will need to remove the bumper, so you need to open the bonnet.

Start by undoing the fasteners across the slam panel.

And then you have to find the hidden fasteners, there are some behind the wheel arch liner and under the bumper.

Next unhook both side wings from the bumper.

Place it on the floor in front of the car and disconnect the electrics and headlamp washers if fitted. Once the bumper is off put it somewhere safe where it wont get scratched.

Next the front cross member needs to be removed, so disconnect it from the slam panel.

Then unbolt the cross member from the chassis rail.

The headlamps need to be removed next.

Then un-clip the wiring from the top of the radiator and unbolt the sensor if fitted.

Remove the bonnet catch.

Disconnect the fan resistor on the back of the radiator.

Remove both hoses, remember to catch all the anti freeze in a suitable container and dispose of carefully. Now you can remove the radiator and fan unit complete.

Remove the fan from the radiator and fit onto the new radiator (Parts: Alfa Brera Radiator, Alfa 159 Radiator). You now need to reverse the process above.

Bleed the front hose or rail depending on the model and run the engine up. Top up the coolant as required.

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