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Replacing the clutch master cylinder on an Alfa 159 or Brera

Replacing the clutch master cylinder on a Brera or 159

It is easiest not to fit all the parts Alfa Romeo supply; the plate that fixes the pipes to the bulkhead is unlikely to cause you any trouble and is a pain to fit. If you disconnect the plunger unit and just fit that, you will save yourself a lot of time.

First drain the brake fluid out of the system. Then disconnect the pipe to slave cylinder, you need to pull out the metal retaining clip and it will come loose.

Disconect the pipe from the reservoir.

Undo master cylinder retaining bolts.

Unclip the actuator rod from the pin and then refit the master cylinder using the reverse of the procedure above.

Once you have got the new 159 master cylinder (Brera master cylinder) fitted into the car top up the fluid level and then bleed the system using the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder

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