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Spring pan bush replacement

Today with the price of spring pans the way they are it is becoming more and more appealing to replace the GTV spring pan bushes and previously this was only possible using Powerflex bushes, and while they were a good cheap option they are not up to original equipment standard. We have now had the original metal rose bushes made exclusively for us and this is how to fit them.

First make sure you have the correct bushes and you know where they go, the bushes are different at either end of the spring pan

Press out the existing worn bushes

When the bushes are out it should look like this

Clean up the welds that secure the eye to the spring pan so the spring pan sits level on the press

Dress the hole to make sure it is clean and rust free

Press in the new bush, making sure that the press only pushes on the outer ring of the bearing, DO NOT use the centre of the bearing to push the bush in because:-
1 You will damage the bush
2 It will not go in straight

Make sure both of the bearings are central in their housings.

A quick coat of paint and then you can refit the spring pan to your car.

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