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Removing The Spark Plugs From A Giulia/Stelvio 2.9 Quadrifoglio

You will need a thin walled 14mm spark plug socket for this task, Snap-on supply a 12 point one, their part number is S9714MK.

Spark plug 670050892

Unclip the air box outlet pipes on both sides.

Disconnect the two breather hoses on both sides.

Separate the two rubber concertinas to the air housing box.

Remove the plastic engine cover.

Unclip the coolant tank return hose at the top right corner (facing the engine).

Remove the air housing box.

Slide back the yellow locking tab on the coil packs and unplug.

Undo the 5mm Allen bolts on the coil packs and remove the coil packs.

The spark plugs are at the bottom of a long tube which tapers two thirds down.

Undo the spark plugs using a thin walled 14mm socket...

....and extract the plugs.

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