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Repairing an Alfa Romeo JTDm with broken cam or timing belt

First of all if you are unfortunate enough to have a cam belt snap on a JTDm diesel engine it is not as bad as you might expect, the engines dont USUALLY bend valves they snap the rockers in half. The 1.9, 2.0 and 2.4 are basically the same engine so this guide works for all of them, just remember that the gasket s are different. So here goes, remove the top engine cover

Then depending on model remove the engine ECU from its position in front of the cam covers and then remove its mounting bracket

Remove the top engine stabilizer bar

Remove all the wires from the injectors, air conditioning compressor etc

Remove diesel injector pipes and then remove diesel injectors

First of all remove the off side wheel, then remove the under tray and side panel, then remove the auxiliary belt

Remove auxiliary drive pully

Remove the engine mount on the right hand sideof the engine bay, then remove the side covers from over the cam belt, then remove the remains of the cam belt.

Remove the high pressure fuel line

Disconnect the vacuum pipe from the vacuum pump

Undo bolts that secure the camshaft carrier and remove.

This will expose all the valve gear. Note the cam carrier gasket

Replace all broken rockers

Fit camshaft locking tools into their respective holes and then re assemble the engine using the reverse of the procedure above using a replacement cam belt kit and while you have this part of the engine stripped consider replacing the water pump and injector seals. Make sure you time up the camshafts correctly using the respective guide below to do this.

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