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Changing the wheel bearing on an Alfa Romeo 159 or Brera.

First things first, loosen the wheel nuts and then get the car off the ground and make sure that it is supported safely on axle stands, then remove the road wheels.

Undo the calliper, this is a Brembo calliper and your car may have the sliding calliper in which case the securing bolts are behind the calliper.

Undo the disc securing bolt.

Carefully lift up the tag that stops the hub nut from coming undone.

Undo the hub nut, this can be a bit of a struggle without a nut gun.

Undo the wheel bearing securing bolts

The wheel bearing is almost certainly seized in and will require some persuasion to come out!

Clean out the bearing housing.

Refit the wheel bearing using new bolts.

Do up hub nut to the correct torque.

Make sure you tap the locking ring in place. Re fit the caliper.

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