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How To... Change the Front Brake Pads on an Alfa Brera and 159.

Alfa Brera Wheel

Loosen the wheel nuts. Elevate the vehicle, place on two axle stands on a hard surface and remove the front wheel.

Alfa 159 Wheel

Be aware that the wheel is quite heavy.

Alfa 159 brake Calliper

Using the correct size punch remove retaining pins, these are often seized into place and may need to be replaced.

Alfa Brera Clip

Remove anti rattle clip.

Alfa Romeo Brera Pads

Push brake pistons back using a pry bar then remove brake pads.
Carefully apply anti squeal grease to rear and ends of the new brake pads.
Fit new brake pads (159 Brake Pads/Brera Brake Pads) and clips etc, torque up wheel nuts and remember to pump out brake calliper pistons before driving away then bed the pads in with gentle braking for 100 miles

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