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Removing The Starter Motor From An Alfa Brera/Spider/159 3.2 JTS

To replace the starter motor on a 3.2 JTS the front bank exhaust manifold needs to be removed, so you might want to make sure you have the relevant gaskets at hand.
Exhaust manifold gasket 51767535
Catalyst to down pipe gasket 55183724

Disconnect the live terminal to the battery.

Remove all the fixings to the undertray.

Undo the x2 13mm bolts at the bottom of the front catalyst ....

....and the x3 13mm nuts to the support bracket.

Undo the x4 10mm nuts (x2 on both sides) holding the heat shield over the catalyst.

To remove the lambda sensor you will need a special 22mm lambda socket.

Unscrew the lambda. If you leave it connected at the other end... will coil, or you can unplug it first to prevent this.

Undo the x2 10mm nuts on top of the heat shield then pull the heat shield back away so you can access the rest of the bolts.

Start with the 10mm bolt securing the dipstick and remove the whole tube.

Now you can reach the x5 13mm bolts and x2 13mm nuts to the exhaust manifold.

Slip the heat shield back on it's top mounts then tug the manifold off of the two studs.

Separate the catalyst flange from the rest of the exhaust and work the manifold/catalyst out through the bottom of the engine.

Undo the 12mm nut to the positive terminal on the starter motor....

...then the 10mm nut to the signal wire.

Undo the x2 E14 bolts holding the starter motor...

....and remove it through the bottom of the engine.

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