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How to get the hood on a Brera Spider back up if it fails

Ok so this is a bit of a tricky one to do in an emergency but it is possible for even the least hands on of you. The operation needs to be performed with the ignition OFF. Firstly this is only the procedure to put the hood up. The first job is to release the hydraulic pressure in the system. To do this you need to get into the cubby hole behind the right hand seat, in the back of the cubby hole you will find a cable and this needs to be pulled hard to release the pressure in the system. DO NOT TRY TO LIFT THE DECK AT THIS POINT AS IT WILL DAMAGE THE PAINT ON THE BOOT LID.

Next behind the left hand seat you will find the emergency boot release cable which you need to pull to release the boot lid.

Next you need to lift the boot lid carefully, making sure the deck in front is still in the down position, keep an eye on the gap between the boot lid and the deck to make sure the front of the boot lid does not hit the deck. Inside the boot you will find the tool to operate the remote lock for the deck. At the front of the boot in the center just below the lip behind a flap in the carpet you will find a bolt, using the special tool this needs to be turned clockwise to release the rear deck. DO NOT lift the rear deck at this point, carefully close the boot lid completely, again making sure the boot lid and deck dont hit each other

Next lift up the rear deck, again you need to watch the gap between the deck and the hood to make sure there is no contact, once clear pull the deck up to its stop.

Now you can pull the hood out of the well and right through its motion until the rear of the hood is vertical.

Next you need to reset the valve in the pump, to do this remove the cover in the right hand side of the well and under that you will find the pump for the hood. On the right hand side of the pump you will see the release cable you pulled earlier going under the pump using a screw driver the lever this attaches to on the pump needs to be pulled firmly towards the rear of the car, now refit the covers over the pump.

Now you need to fold the flaps at the front of the deck down by disengaging their motors. Now lower the deck, again WATCH THE PAINT and push it right down until it is flat.

Release the boot lid again and with light pressure on the deck turn the bolt in the front of the boot anti clockwise to secure the deck.

Next bring down the hood until it touches the deck, now's the difficult bit, you need to put your hand inside the hood between the two layers and inside you will find a bar with a hinge about half way along it, this arm needs to be pushed firmly upwards until it goes over center, as you push it upwards the hood will be pushed down hard onto the deck.

Now you need to secure the head rail, remove the plastic cover over the securing bolt and use the other end of the tool to lock the front of the hood down, make sure that the head rail is secured to the top of the windscreen before driving the car. Now it has been suggested that these last two operations work best if done in the opposite order as it is easier to push the bar over centre.

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