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How to fit a Giulia Spider hood

Fitting the hood on a Giulia spider is a relatively simple process but it is quite time consuming as it will take approximately one day and about .5l of contact adhesive

the first job is to remove the old hood, the easiest way to do this is to run a knife round the rear of the hood, keeping the blade horizontal. Once you have done this carefully undo the cables in the b pillar

Undo these two little clips that stop the hood from catching on the side of the hood well

Using a drill remove the inner trim

Pull the cloth off the hood rails

Remove the hood front seal and then use a drill to remove the rivets that hold down the hood seal retaining rail, you can then pull the hood off the front rail

Lift up the remains of the hood round the rear of the passenger compartment, then undo the small screws that are hidden in the carpet, about 6cm down from the top lip, lift up the vinyl trim and unbolt the retaining metal bars. You can now remove the remains of the hood but please take care of the thin vinyl strip as it is very easy to damage

Next clean up the roof rails so you can fit the new hood easily

Next drape the new hood over the frame and fit it over the retaining bolts around the rear of the cabin and then refit the retaining bar and vinyl strip making sure the hood is correctly centred across the back of the car, do not do up the nuts at this stage leave them loose so that the hood can move slightly

Next fit the hood along the front rail, put contact adhesive on the rail and the inside of the hood lip, I turn this part inside out to make it easier and less messy, then mark the centre point of the rail and line up the cut in the front lip of the hood with that. Try to make it so the lip of the hood follows the natural curvature of the front rail down over the front of the screen, remember you can un-stick this as many times as you like to get it right. Once you are happy with the line of the roof you can fit the seal, here there are two different schools of thought, some people fit a new seal retaining trim and some people stick the hood seal in without the retaining trim, it is your call.

Next we have to go mad with the glue, get the rear roof bar in approximately the right position and make sure all the securing flaps are either side of the bars and than do up the front hood catches. You can now glue the flaps to the roof rails.

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