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Replacing the oil filter on a Giulietta 2.0l JTDm

Changing the oil filter on the Giulietta 2.0l Diesel JTDm engine

Remove oil filter cap and put it on the slam panel so you cant close the bonnet without replacing it, then loosen the right hand front wheel but dont take the wheel nuts out, then jack up the car and make it safe using axle stands.

Remove the under tray and the right hand wheel, once the wheel is removed remove the wheel arch liner.

The oil filter is just behind the crankshaft.

Using a ring spanner undo the oil filter housing.

Pull the oil filter out of its housing and then replace the seal, clip the new filter into the housing and then reverse the procedure above to re fit the new oil filter.

Now you can drain the oil, remember to dispose of it carefully. Next refill the engine with the correct engine oil and then run the engine up to check for leaks before refitting the covers

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