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How to replace the door handle on a GT or 147

Replacing and Alfa 147 or GT door handle. Door handles change regularly so when ordering parts, make sure you know your date of production or provide us with your chassis number (there's a field for this in the shopping cart).

First job is to remove the plastic plug from the door handle, you will damage this and it is a question of limiting the damage or replacing it as a matter of routine.

Undo screw in door handle.

This screw is under the door handle but above the door pocket, remove it.

Carefully remove the window switches they are expensive and easy to damage. Don't switch the ignition on with these disconnected.

Undo the screw that is hidden behind the plug in the door release handle.

Remove door release handle and carefully disconnect speaker.

Remove mirror inner cover.

Undo screw in puddle light and carefully prize out puddle light.

Undo screws along the bottom of the door card.

Prize off door card.

Now we have to peel off the top of the doors protective water proof membrane, LEAVE the bottom of this alone and sealed or you will get water in the footwells.

Pull out the plastic grommet along the rear edge of the door.

Remove this plastic guard, it is secured by three screws.

Locate the rear screw of the door handle and remove.

Then undo the front of the door handle. Pull the handle out of the door and unclip the operating rods and then replace using the opposite of the procedure shown above.

Undo this bolt and the door handle should now be loose, carefully remove it from the door and unclip the operating rods. Re fit the new door handle using the reverse of the procedure above.

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