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Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0l oil change

Changing the oil and oil filter on an Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0l

First of all you need to remove the oil filler cap and put it on the bonnet slam panel so you cant close the bonnet without re fitting it. Then you need to get the car off the ground and make sure it is safely supported using axle stands. Then you need to remove the lower part of the under tray, you can leave the wheel arch liners in place. Once you have removed the under tray you will see the bottom of the engine as illustrated.

Next you need to locate the oil filter, it is on the back of the engine at the cam belt end above the drive shaft but below the cylinder head.

Using an appropriate tool unscrew the oil filter anti clockwise.

Once it is off, carefully clean the seal mounting face and lubricate with engine oil.

Apply a thin smear of oil to the oil filter seal and screw on the new oil filter.

Next drain the oil and dispose carefully.

Replace the sump plug washer and refit the sump plug. Top up with the correct amount of oil and lastly replace the oil filler cap.

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