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Replacing a lower front wishbone on an Alfa 156/147/GT

Changing a tired old wishbone that's seen more pot holes than a Manchester curb crawl. Having ground clearance is a big help on this one. This is for the left hand side or Near Side.

A good starting point once the vehicle is jacked up safely, is to take off the under tray and remove the front wheel.

Undo the 17mm nut holding the drop link to the fork leg.

Undo the 22mm nut holding the wishbone ball joint to the bottom of the front pillar.

Undo the 19mm nut on the bolt that passes through the bottom of the fork leg and wishbone knuckle but leave the bolt in.

Apply upward pressure on the wishbone ball joint to put some load on the front suspension...... after a few given TAPS with a hammer (if you get my drift) the pillar should pop from the ball joint. Now you can remove the knuckle bolt.

Loosen the two anti roll bar bolts to allow more room to aid the removal and replacement of the wishbone.

Undo the four wishbone mount bolts, with a certain amount of wiggling the wishbone can now be removed.

Insert the rear corner of the new wishbone first and then the front. (Parts: 156 lower wishbones, 147 lower wishbones, GT lower wishbones)

Tack the ball joint to the pillar and add some upward pressure to flatten the wishbone mounts to the sub frame.

Use hand grips to hold the front wishbone mount in place and a screw driver to align the holes then tack the two bolts.

Align and tack the rear mount then fasten all four bolts. Now put everything back together and don't forget to tighten the anti roll bar back up.

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