COVID-19 Coronavirus Message Updated: 31th March
Mail Order Customers:
Our carrier DHL is operating normally across the world (including in Italy), with the exception of Hubei province in China. Allow an extra day for delivery (4 days for Japan), just in case.
  * We will be working normally and have a large warehouse full of parts that will help keep your car on the road even if many of the parts manufacturers are now closing.
Workshop Customers:
Following government guidance, we are open as usual. Taking your vehicle to a garage for repairs is a permitted activity (safety) as long as you observe the social distancing rules. We have no signs of illness in the company and are taking all precautions to minimise contact and disinfect daily (not least because we have staff in vulnerable groups). Our mechanics wear gloves at all times and we will disinfect your vehicle with our Zaflora sprays on handing back to you. We would respectfully ask you to show our staff the same courtesy.
  * To help those in self isolation, we are now offering a free Collect & Return Service of up to 30 miles, so if you have any servicing due in the next 3 months now might be good time to get it out of the way without even having to open your front door. We will disinfect your car on collection and return.
  * MOTs due for renewal from 30 March will be extended for half a year. However, you are still obliged to keep your vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition, so if you need to use your car in this period, it is still recommended to get one done.

This page:

How To... Replace the lower wishbones on an Alfa 145/146/155 and GTV/Spider

A guide on replacing the lower wishbones on an Alfa Romeo 145/146/155 and GTV/Spider.

Alfa Romeo 5 pot wheel

Loosen wheel nuts, jack the car up safely and put on two axle stands (or if you have one a handy ramp) then remove road wheel

Remove wheel arch liner

Alfa Subframe Brace

On GTVs and Spiders remove sub frame brace

Alfa Ball Joint

Remove outer ball joint securing bolt

Alfa Ball Joint Splitter

Using special tool remove strut from lower wishbone

Alfa Suspension Arm

Using a long bar lever the lower wishbones out of the front strut completely

Alfa Romeo Anti Roll Bar

Undo anti roll bar link

Alfa Romeo Lower Wishbone

Remove the four inner securing bolts
Reverse procedure to replace

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