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How To... Replace the lower wishbones on an Alfa 145/146/155 and GTV/Spider

A guide on replacing the lower wishbones on an Alfa Romeo 145/146/155 and GTV/Spider.

Alfa Romeo 5 pot wheel

Loosen wheel nuts, jack the car up safely and put on two axle stands (or if you have one a handy ramp) then remove road wheel

Remove wheel arch liner

Alfa Subframe Brace

On GTVs and Spiders remove sub frame brace

Alfa Ball Joint

Remove outer ball joint securing bolt

Alfa Ball Joint Splitter

Using special tool remove strut from lower wishbone

Alfa Suspension Arm

Using a long bar lever the lower wishbones out of the front strut completely

Alfa Romeo Anti Roll Bar

Undo anti roll bar link

Alfa Romeo Lower Wishbone

Remove the four inner securing bolts
Reverse procedure to replace

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