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How To... Remove the dash on an Alfa SZ/RZ

Alfa SZ Dashboard

Pull out plastic plugs (x1 each side) holding side carpet panels, in foot well, to centre console and remove. Unscrew the off side air vent panel, then the drivers right hand instrument panel, the rev and speedo counter and lastly the near side air vent.

Alfa Romeo SZ Dashboard

Remove the ashtray, gear stick surround and then unscrew the associated switch panel. Pull out door seals, ’a pillar’ trim and unscrew the side panel on both door frames.

Alfa RZ Dash

Unscrew x3 screws (or x2 depending on how Mr. Zagato was feeling that day) on centre console and slide backwards.

Alfa RZ Dashboard

Loosen off dash retaining bolts, x2 at each end, unscrew steering column shroud and loosen steering column adjustment pin.

Alfa Romeo SZ Dash

Unscrew fuse box cover and remove air vent duct pipe work, either side (pulls apart). Unscrew fuse box and unplug wiring loom on passenger side (note there’s a six pin female connector which lays redundant). Cut the cable ties which secure the loom to hooks, underneath the dashboard

Alfa Romeo RZ Dash

Remove the dash retaining bolts (each end) then lift it slightly in order to remove steering column adjustment pin from the passenger side.

Alfa Romeo RZ Dashboard removal

The dash should then be ready to pull out.

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