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Alfa 916 series GTV and Spider dashboard warning lights.

This is the engine management warning light, the fault is usually with a sensor but it can be with the out put to coils or a fault with the electronic control unit itself but this is rare.

If the key code light stays on there is a fault with the immobiliser system or the car doesn't recognise the key and the car will not start.

Oil pressure light, if this comes on turn the car off immediately and do NOT drive. The most common problem is a severe lack of oil so please check the level first. Max to min on the dipstick is 1 Litre but if the oil light comes on you will almost certainly need to put in around 2.5-3 Litres. Put the oil in at about a litre at a time and check on the dipstick until you get the level correct.

Charging light, this does not mean you have a flat battery! If this light is on it almost certainly means you have a problem with the alternator and your car is not charging.

Air bag warning lamp if illuminated you have a problem with the air bag system and the system has turned itself off. If this light is on the air bags will NOT deploy in the event of an accident!

Passenger side air bag is not active, this should only be used if a baby seat is installed and the baby is facing backwards. In all other cases the passenger air bag should be switched on even with small children in the front seat.

Seat belt warning lamp

Front brake pad wear indicator, this means that you need new front brake pads.

Hand brake on or brake fluid low, remember if the brake fluid is low you may also have a leak on the clutch side as the reservoir feeds both!

Anti lock braking system warning light, if this is on the ABS is off, the most usual issues are with wheel speed sensors.

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