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How to change the cam belt on a 159/Brera

This is a relatively straightforward job provided that the existing cam belt has not broken, If the cam belt on the car has broken it is essential that specialist tools are used to align both cam belts relative to each other

First of all remove top cover of the engine and then remove the power steering fluid reservoir from its mounting

Next remove the cam belt covers

In this picture you can see the cam belt, camshaft pulley, fuel pump drive and where the belt kinks down is the water pump.

Suport the engine carefully from below and then remove the engine mounting

Before removing the cam belt take note of the cam belt timing marks, this is the camshaft drive pulley.....

this is the crankshaft pulley.....

and this is the fuel pump drive pulley

Next remove the water pump and replace that, this is important as nearly every time we have had a cam belt fail it has been due to a defective water pump

Next replace the cam belt tensioner and idler

The fit the new cam belt and refit the other parts in the reverse order that you removed them.

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