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Replacing the cam belt on a 1750 TBi engine

Alfa 159, Giulietta and Brera Toothed timing belt replacement guide

In order to replace the cam belt you need to first remove the right hand front wheel, to do this carefully jack up the car to a reasonable height and make sure it is safe using axle stands if required, we have the luxury of a ramp. Next remove the wheel arch inner cover and the undertray.

Then open the bonnet and remove the engine top cover

Next you have to remove the auxiliary belt, use a spanner to take the tension off the belt and put a locking pin in it to stop the tensioner working, now remove the belt.

Remove air intake pipe, power steering reservoir and supporting bracket.

Next support engine carefully and remove the engine mounting, then remove the cam belt covers.

Now on the rear of the engine remove the blanking plate on the inlet camshaft.

Remove the vacuum pump from the end of the exhaust camshaft. the special locking tools then need to be fitted into place on each cam shaft.

Fit the crankshaft locking tools as shown

Undo the camshaft pulley securing bolts so the pulleys are able to spin freely on the cam shafts, then loosen off the cam belt tensioner and remove the cambelt.

Next remove the water pump.

Replace the water pump and gasket, use a light smear of gasket sealant to hold the gasket in place.

Next it is time to fit the cam belt, ON NO ACCOUNT must the cam belt be forced into a tight curve like this as it damages the belt.

Fit the cam belt tensioner and idler into place and fit the new belt, the new belt needs to be tensioned so the arrow on the tensioner is at maximum, next you need to tighten the camshaft pulleys and remove the cam locking tools. Rotate the engine two hole revolutions to settle the cam belt in.

Next you have to tension the cam belt correctly, loosen the tensioner and carefully allow the tension to decrease until the arrow on the tensioner points to the hole in the body. Next turn the engine another two whole revolutions and refit the timing tools to check the camshaft timing, it the tools do not fit easily redo stage 12 onwards.

Now you have to replace all the parts you have removed in reverse order.

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