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How to change the oil filter on an Alfa Romeo twin spark engine.

Changing the oil and oil filter on an Alfa Romeo Twin Spark engine.

First remove the oil filler cap and put it on the bonnet slam panel so that you can't shut the bonnet without replacing it. Next jack up the car and make sure it is safe. Then remove the engine under tray.

Drain the engine oil into a suitable container and dispose of carefully. It is not unusual for the thread to be damaged in the sump.

Now you need to remove the old oil filter.

Once that is off it is worth checking if the oil cooler securing nut is tight.

Smear a thin layer of oil on the oil filter seal.

Re fit oil filter hand tight, do it as tight as you can but dont use a tool to do it up.

Put new seal on sump plug and tighten to the correct torque. Fill the car with oil and replace the oil filler cap. Run the car up and check for leaks before replacing the undertray.

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