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How To... Fix Wind Noise Issues on GTV/Spiders

Alfa Romeo GTV Window

Wind noises are a problem modern (chassis number beginning ZAR916) GTV’s and Spiders. These can be caused by one of two adjustments being incorrect and it is necessary to decide which one is causing your problem before attempting a cure.

The first (and most common) is the door glass going too far up (arrow B) and catching on the door surround keeping the glass off the rubber seal. The cure involves removing the inner door panel and adjusting the stops downwards, as follows:

Alfa Romeo Spider Window

To remove the door panel first prize off the large speaker cover and then unscrew the speaker, unplug it and put it in a safe place.

Figure 3

Remove the cubby hole by removing Allen keys front and rear then prize out the window switches. You will now be able to remove all the Allen keys that secure the door and mirror trims, remove the mirror trim first and then door trim slides upwards easily.
Next disconnect the wires for the tweeter and courtesy light (if fitted) and put trim in a safe place.
Then re-fit the window winder switches and bring the glass down a bit, it is now possible to adjust the stops, which are located along the top edge of the door front and back, down to the correct position, which is trial and error I am afraid. Please make sure you try the car on the road before you put the door trim back on.
Once you have the door trim in place, before you fit it up completely make sure you try the locks and catches with the door open as if you close the door and it won’t unlock it is difficult to remove the door trim.

Figure 4

The next common problem is the angle of the glass (arrow A picture 1) in relation to the rubber, this is a lot easier to adjust there being two access holes at the base of the door trim marked with a C in the picture. Simply pop off the cover at the front and rear, unlock the nut and then adjust the screw to change the angle as required.

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