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Changing the turbo on an Alfa 4C

Remove top engine cover, this simply pulls off.

Remove dipstick

Disconnect engine breather pipe and the vapour recovery system pipe.

Remove turbo cooling pipe

Remove turbo control valve

Remove turbo control valve bracket.

Undo top of petrol tank heat shield.

Lift car up in the air and remove the under trays.

Remove the pipe from the turbo to the intercooler

Undo the bottom of the petrol tank heat shield.

Disconnect the lower lambda sensor.

Remove the petrol tank heat shield

Lower the car and remove the cooling shroud for the turbo.

Remove the gearbox heat shield.

Disconnect the upper lambda sensor.

Remove the catalyst.

Remove the catalyst support bracket.

Remove turbo oil return pipe.

Undo the turbo cooling pipes putting a container under the car to collect the anti freeze. Undo the oil feed pipe to the turbo at both ends and remove the pipe from the car. The oil feed pipe is ontop of the turbo and is difficult to see let alone reach!!!!

Undo the nuts that secure the turbo to the head and then remove the turbo from the car. It only comes out inlet compressor downwards. to replace the turbo reverse the process above.

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