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How to cure the horn push on an Alfa 156/147 and GT

If the horn on your 156, 147 and GT fails to work there is a good chance that this is the reason why.


1. Remove key from car and DO NOT put back in the ignition until you have finished this procedure

2. Remove the air bag using a 5mm allen key in the back of the steering wheel spokes BE EXTREMELY careful with the air bag as it contains EXPLOSIVES


3. Remove the small black circuit board from inside the steering wheel.


4. Remove casing from circuit board.


5. Inspect circuit board and you will find that the red +ve track across the board is corroded and open circuit.


6. Solder a wire from the red lead to the horn push to second terminal from the left on the top row of pins on the right hand side of the board (see picture) The tight U turn from the pin is the best solution to stop the wire going through the other pins and still getting it in the existing casing without anything shorting out.


7. Refit the circuit board into its case.

8. Make sure that you connect up the radio leads correctly.

9. Refit the steering wheel.

10. Hoot!

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