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Replacing The Bonnet release Handle Support On An Alfa 159/Brera

The bonnet release handle support on an Alfa 159/Brera is made of plastic and is prone to breaking. It lives down in the drivers foot well.
Support bracket 60693721
And if you need the handle 156057203

This is the before and after shot of the bonnet release handle support.

The release handle....hanging.

There are x2 8mm bolts used to hold the bracket in place.

We are going to show you how to release the bonnet cable from the work bench but you will have to do this in situ. Press in the side locking tabs on the plastic nozzle.....

....and pull BACK from the locating hole.

Route the cable out of it's guide then pop out the nipple.

You can just pull off the old handle and push it on the new bracket. Now replace the new bracket.

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