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Replacing The Petrol Flap Release Solenoid And Pivot Spring Pin On An Alfa Giulietta (2010 Onwards)

You can release the petrol flap with the emergency pull cord in the boot but you won't want to do that every time you fill her up! Also the the plastic spring pin snaps, it's what springs and holds the petrol flap open after the solenoid has released it.....not exactly the End Of The World.

Release solenoid 50552585
Spring pin 51851496


If you would like to book yourself in the price of this repair in our workshop is £46.00

Open the boot and on the right hand side locate the EMERGENCY petrol flap release cord and pull.

Undo the Phillips retaining screw to the surround.

Unscrew the fuel filler cap.

Using both hands lift and pull out the bottom lip. Continue all around the edge...

...until the complete housing comes out.

On the plastic covering above the pull cord, undo the x2 Phillips screws.

Pull the boot corner lining out enough to gain access to the wiring.

Unclip the white connector and pull the red cord out the back of the lining (note how the emergency pull cord threads through the foam to the petrol flap).

Slide the release solonoid off to the right...

...then pull the lead and cord out.

You can see inside the wing to the left the exit hole for the wiring.

The plastic head to the spring pin is clearly broken.

Using a small implement push the pin out from underneath.

Unhook the other end of the spring.

Thread the new spring into the head of the pin as shown.

There's a spine running down the pin that needs to line up with the recess in the hole so close the petrol flap and point the pin NORTH (12 o'clock) to insert.

Now OPEN the petrol flap and clip on the hook end of the spring. It's now ready to be fitted back on the car.

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