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Removing The Front Drop Link On A MiTo, Giulietta Or 500L

On the early models the drop link thread has a different pitch to the replacement part that is available today so when changing the drop link you will also need the updated nut. This guide is based on the Mito.

Drop link and nut 50531823, 12578321

Workshop time: 16 mins

You can book your Mito into the workshop or just look for a quote for replacing the LEFT drop link or the RIGHT one


Remove the front wheel.


On the early models undo the top bolt connected to the shock absorber bracket using a 17mm spanner to hold the ball joint while removing the nut with a 16mm socket.


On the later models use a 17mm spanner to undo the nut while holding the tip of the ball joint with a 5mm Allen key.


Undo the bottom ball joint connected to the anti roll bar and and the drop link is free.

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