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Replacing The Stop & Start Sensor On A Giulietta (2010 Onwards).

You need to remove the heat shield from the center exhaust tunnel to access the gear levers plastic housing.

Stop & Start sensor 55228312, rivet 51813156





If you would like to book yourself in, the price of this repair in our workshop is £190.32

Make sure the vehicle is in neutral, undo the velcro that secures around the cursor, dip your hand in and release the clips that holds the gaiter surround.

These are the clips that need pulling back.

Undo the connector.

The heat shield in the exhaust tunnel needs removing.

Work off the x2 washer clips at the front of the tunnel.

Undo the 13mm bolt to the exhaust bracket.

Drill out the the x4 rivets with a 6mm bit.

Undo the x4 13mm bolts...

...and wriggle the heat shield out.

Remove the bottom panel to the plastic housing by pressing in the x10 tabs.

This is the sensor.

Prise out the rubber plug where the wire runs up through.

Pull out the yellow securing tab.

Unclip the plastic prongs and it's out.

Clip the new sensor back in place then pull out the red locking ring.

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