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Replacing the pollen filter on an Alfa Romeo 156, 147 or GT

Guide to fitting a pollen filter in a GT, 147 or late 156


Remove the insulation from under the passenger side of the dash.


Looking upwards towards the centre console there are three bolts securing a small access panel against the bulkhead, they are quite difficult to find, undo these.


Remove pollen filter, if this is original it will be a one piece filter and will need to be removed by force.


The two piece filter replaces the original filter, now the filters only go one way round and there is a flap in the centre that has to interlock to provide an air tight seal. So slide one in with the flap to the outside of the car and then push it towards the centre of the car, then slide the other pollen filter up making sure the flap is in the correct place and refit the lower panel.

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