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Replacing The Front Lower Wishbone On An Alfa 159/Brera/Spider

When replacing the lower wishbone you need to be a little brutal to coax it out of it's habitat.....but then it's not much different trying to get it back in! This 'how To' is based on the right wishbone of a 159.
LEFT wishbone 51842925, RIGHT 51842924


You can BOOK your 159 in or just look for a QUOTE for replacing the front LEFT lower wishbone or the RIGHT.

Undo the wheel studs to the right hand front wheel and remove the wheel.

To remove the undertray undo all the 6mm allen bolts and T30, Phillips screws.

Undo the 21mm nut (or 18mm 50500429 depending on model) to the wishbone ball joint.

If you look at the bottom of the front pillar where the ball joint falls through you will see that there is a collet (inner sleeve). Make sure that on removal of the ball joint, if the collet is stuck to the ball joint you don't throw it away.

Undo the E18 bolt (60692912) and 21mm nut to the fork leg.

Tap out the bolt with a copper mallet (not a hammer as illustrated).

Use a ball joint splitter to separate the ball joint from the pillar. If you don't have one, using a copper mallet you can strike the pillar until.... achieve the same outcome. On this occasion the collet has stayed in the pillar.

Undo the x2 21mm bolts (811900219) that pass through the sub frame to the wishbones inner front bush (on some models you won't be able to remove the bolts completely).

Undo the E18 bolt (811900049) while holding the top nut with a 18mm spanner and the x2 E14 bolts (60699893)with 17mm nuts on the wishbones inner rear bush.

Turn the steering wheel to full RIGHT lock, jack up the pillar then using a lever bar prise the head of the wishbone forwards away from the pillar.

Work with a lever the inner rear...

....and front bush until the wishbone is free.

Align up the new wishbone.

To locate the inner rear bush you will need a hammer and a piece of wood.

Copper slip the x2 21mm bolts.

Once you have the front inner bush in place you can lever it into position for the bolts.

Now carefully lever the head of the wishbone into position minding the thread and rubber boot. Copper slip all remaining bolts and put back together.

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