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Fitting a hood window complete into a 916 series spider

Fitting a rear window into a 916 series spider hood

This is quite an easy job to do but we are going to fit the window and its surround as well, not just the window. First of all lift the rear of the hood up.

Pull all the staples out from under the side panels.

Drill out the rivet that holds the corner of the rear 1/4 panel.

Pull the rear 1/4 flap back and drill out the tiny rivet in the lower corner of the rear screen panel (if it still exists)

Next prize the staples out from along the top of the screen being careful not damage the hood.

Pull the staples out of the top of the hood and the side panels.

First pull the hood forward and then remove the staples from the top of the window panel.

Next undo the row of fasteners along the underside of the lower hood rail.

Now remove the old rear screen.

Line up the new window with the chalk mark on the hood frame to get it central, making sure that the velcro is on the OUTSIDE!

Then staple the hood in place along the roof rail using staples that are 8-12 mm long.

Now put the hood back in place and staple it through the window material to the top of the hood frame again using 8-12mm staples. The two poppers now need to be re attached on either side.

Using the appropriate tools make sure that all the staples are fully home.

Now re rivet the corners of the window along the lower edge.

Next we have to put the fasteners along the lower hood rail, you may need to use a braddle or an awl to align the holes. don't put the two end fasteners in yet.

Then you put the two rivets in, one at each end of the window, then you pull the rear 1/4 panels back and fasten the ends of it using the two end fasteners.

Next you staple the rear 1/4 panels back in place, you need to use a 5mm staple to do this not the longer staple you used along the top of the window.

Remove the protective film from the window and you have finished the job, If you have the electric hood you may need to run it through its cycle manually at this point to reset all the stop values.

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