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Removing The Radiator From A Brera (Spider)

To remove the radiator you will first need to see our 'How To' on removing the bumper so please follow the link in stage one below. This 'How To' is based on the Brera 3.2



To remove the bumper hop, skip and fall over to Removing The Bumper And Headlights From A Brera, at the end is a link to jump you back to this page.

Unbolt the x2 10mm induction bracket bolts...

...and the x2 13mm bracket bolts on the front of the bonnet slam panel.

Undo the x2 13mm bolts per corner.

Unbolt the lower 17mm bolts either side...

....and lift the slam panel out of the way.

Undo the top x2 10mm bolts to the radiator side plastic flaps...

....and the x2 bottom ones.

Remove the air induction pipe.

Unclip the connector to the alternator cooling fan....

...the 13mm bolt to the fans bracket...

...and the bottom bracket holding the pipe, then remove.

Undo the oil coolers top 8mm bolt.

Undo the x2 10mm bolts holding the condensor to the radiator and drop the condensor down.

Slide out the x2 lower bolts if you're replacing the radiator.

Take out the screw that's inside the induction vent (not shown) and lift the vents locating lug out of it's hole.

Press the push clips together on the bottom radiator hose, pull the hose off and drain the coolant into a catch tray.

Pull off the top hose.

Slide off the top corner mount If you're replacing the radiator (you'll need to prise the clip).

Unclip the cable harness from clips 1,2 and 3, unplug the x2 fans and x2 fan resistor connectors....

...then wiggle the radiator out.

Undo the two corner 10mm bolts holding the fan then slide the bolts out.

Release the clip and slide the bottom radiator mounts off (the same as the top ones).

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