Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC




The Giulia GTC is another of the very rare models that Alfa Romeo only produced in very limited numbers, only 1000 of these beauties were ever produced and only 99 of them were in right-hand drive.

The GTC used the same running gear as the rest of the Giulia range, there was the all alloy twin cam engine up front mated to a five-speed gearbox with drive from there to a live rear axle. The design was put forward by Bertone at the 1963 Frankfurt motor show and used most of the metalwork from the coupe. However, the production model was shown at the 1965 Geneva motor show with the Carrozzeria as Touring!

The GTC had some modifications to the chassis in order to increase the chassis rigidity however these were minor and the chassis did suffer from some scuttle shake. The GTC was released at about the same time as the Duetto which was designed by Pininfarina and this model was the more successful in terms of sales and continued in production until the early 1990's however the GTC is a four-seater (just) and as such had an advantage as a family vehicle.

The direct competition for this model was the Lancia Flavia, the Peugeot 404, and the Triumph Vitesse of which the Alfa was of course the most powerful. Production only lasted two years and then all the factory effort went into the production of the Duetto.


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