Alfa Romeo Brera

The Alfa Romeo Brera is one of the most reliable cars that Alfa Romeo have ever produced it is built along the same lines as a Tank. However, the first thing to check is our general buyers tips. The only specific issues we have come across so far are front tyre wear and water pumps seizing up on the diesel engine. The former can be alleviated with very careful adjustment of the suspension geometry and the latter by changing the cambelt and water pump every 60,000 miles, not the 90,000 that Alfa Romeo state in the service book.


We are now getting considerably more Brera's through our workshop and we are now starting to see a few more faults, they are still however one of the most reliable cars we have come across. We have now started to see some cars come in with a knock from an indeterminate position underneath the car and this we have traced to one or other front upper wishbone inner bush. We are also having occasional problems with lack of power on the diesel's caused by the valve in the inlet manifold jamming, but that's all folks



The Brera has a number of issues that we see, these are however comparatively rare, the Brera is still a very reliable car.

General Issues
Front upper wishbones can knock after around 80-100,000 miles this is a knock that you find hard to trace as it seems to come from the centre of the car.

The rear lower hub bush wears out and can cause tyre wear.

Brake disks wear out at around 80,000 miles and the brakes seem to squeak regularly.

The dash seems to get damaged quite easily if you have a large bunch of keys in the ignition and the door trim can get hit by the seat belt and get damage.

The windows can get a mind of their own and need to be reset, wind the window down as far as it will go and hold the switch for 10 seconds and then wind it right up and hold it for 10 seconds and that cures that.

The tyres can wear excessively if the geometry is not set up correctly, this can also affect the way the car feels giving it a slightly un alfa like feel.

The steering rack and track rod ends can wear in high mileage cars.

The 2.2L and 3.2L petrol engine can suffer from stretchy timing chains.

The 2.4 Diesel engine has occasional problems with the intake manifold valves and the EGR Valve.


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