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Alfa Romeo Brera

Tyre Pressures (bar)215/55/16225/50/17235/45/18
Front 2.3, Rear 2.3Front 2.5, Rear 2.5Front 2.5, Rear 2.5
Front 2.6, Rear 2.6Front 2.7, Rear 2.7Front 2.7, Rear 2.7

Service interval: 18,000 miles (schedule | costs)

Engine Oil Capacities:
- 3.2 and 2.2 petrol, 5.4 litres 5/40 Synthetic (eg Selenia).
- 2.4 JTDm diesel, 6.4 litres 5/40 Synthetic (eg Selenia).

1 litre of oil between min and max. How to check your oil

Fuel Tank Capacity: 70 litres unleaded, no less than 95 RON.

Gearbox Oil Capacity:
- 3.2 petrol, 2.8 litres,
- 2.2 petrol, 2.3 litres,
- 2.4 diesel, 2.8 litres.

Cooling System Capacity:
- 3.2 petrol, 10.3 litres,
- 2.2 petrol, 8.15 litres,
- 2.4 diesel, 7.35 litres.

Washer Fluid Capacity: 6 litres.

Brake fluid: Synthetic DOT 4

Spark Plugs:
- 2.2 petrol, NGKFR5CP,
- 3.2 petrol, Bosch HR7MPP152.

Steering Geometry:
- 2.2 petrol & 2.4 diesel: 1mm toe out, Camber -34 degrees.
- 3.2 petrol: 1mm toe out, Camber -28 degrees.

Anti freeze should be a 50/50 mix water/Paraflu UP

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