Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC

The following are introductions to some the Alfa Giulia GTC maintenance tasks and are intended to give an informative indication of the work involved, rather than an exhaustive instruction. We would, of course, always suggest you take your vehicle to an Alfa Romeo specialist, but if you're doing your own maintenance, you must always use a model specific workshop manual, and rigorously follow all safety advice contained within it.

We will building up the list of items covered over the next few months.

Brakes & steering
Replacing front brake pads and disks on a Giulia
Alfa romeo Giulia rear brake pads and disk replacement

Exterior Bodywork
How to find the chassis number on an Alfa Romeo

Replacing the diff seal on a Giulia

Alfa 105 series lower ball joint replacement

Alfa Romeo coil, points and condensor
Carburettors, a guide
Car Registration Letters

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