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Replacing The Boot Wiring Loom On An Alfa MiTo.

The wires in the tailgate loom stretch and break over time from opening and closing the boot. As the original wires are all colour coded, although a little time consuming it's quite a straight forward repair.

Wiring loom 51277153



If you would like to book yourself in the price of this repair in our workshop is £208.80

Open the boot and take down the x2 parcel shelf supports.

Pull out both ends of the rubber boot at the top,left hand side.

You can pull the wires to see if there's any obvious broken ones.

Cut the rubber boot off to expose the wires.

You can see in this example a broken wire and another where the insulation has split. The red wires are from a previous repair.

Make sure you start with the repair loom the right way up. You also have to match the thickness of the wires you repair to those in the repair loom.

Cut out a section of the first wire you're going to replace (you have to replace all of the wires one by one).

Strip then twist both ends of the cut wire.

Select the crimp connector of the first wire from the repair loom, insert the top cut wire...

...and crimp it, then do the same for the bottom wire.

Once all the wires are connected cut out a section of the rear washer hose.

Push the supplied 'O' ring over the end of the washer hose.

Hold the clasp clip around the hose making sure the plastic prongs point up for the top connection (down for the bottom connection)....

...and push into the new connector so that the clips fall into place. Repeat for the bottom connector.

Once everything is back into place check that the following works:
* Boot badge release
* Rear wiper
* Rear heated screen
* Rear washer spray (and doesn't leak)
* Center brake light
* Boot lock warning light isn't on

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