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Alfa Romeo 166

Tyre pressures: 2.3 Bar all round except if fitted with 225/45 R17 when 2.7 Bar all round. Compact spare wheel, 4.2 Bar

Service interval: 12,000 miles (costs)

Engine Oil Capacities: 2.0l engine 4.5 Litres, 2.0l V6 Turbo 6.1 Litres, 2.5/3.0l V6 5.9 Litres, 2.4 JTD 5.5 Litres (Selenia Oil)

Engine oil:
- Petrol engines 10w 40 or 5w 30 Synthetic based oil exceeding API SJ Spec (eg Selenia Oil)
- Diesel engines 10w 40 or 5w 30 Synthetic based oil exceeding API CD or CF spec (eg Selenia Oil)
How to check your oil

Gearbox Oil Capacity: 1.6 Litres 75w 80

Cooling system: 2.0l engine 8 Litres (50/50 mix with water). V6 engines, 10.3 Litres.

Fuel tank: 72 Litres

Brake fluid: DOT 4

Ignition timing: ECU controlled

Steering geometry:
- Front. Semi toe in -1mm +/- .5mm. Camber, -20 minutes +/- 20 Minutes
- Rear. Semi toe in +1.5 +/- .5 mm

Fan belt: Automatic tensioner

Anti freeze: should be a Ethylene-glycol based product (eg Paraflu) and should be changed every 2 years

Valve clearances: Hydraulic

Idle speed: 700/900 RPM ECU controlled

Turning circle: 11.6 Meters

Kerb weight: 2.0l 1420 kg, 2.0l Turbo 1495 kg, 3.0l V6 24v 1510 kg, JTD 1490kg

Towing weight: all models 1500 kg

Max load on tow ball: 60kg

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