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Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept Car


Alfa Romeo Cross over scetch

Alfa Romeo is planning to release the CXover or C Crossover in 2010 and it is intended to take the marque into a new market sector, with a cross between a SUV and a coupe.

Designed to compete against the BMW X5, this is not a Land Rover replacement; it will be a permanent four-wheel drive but will not have a low ratio gearbox.

Hints of the styling have been given to us in the Kamal prototype which was shown at the 2003 Geneva motor show.

The drive train will most likely be the same one used in the Brera Q4 so we will have the 260 bhp V6 transversely mounted at the front with torque-sensing differentials transmitting the power to the road.

The air suspension will have automatic ride height control which will lower the ride height at speed and there will be double-wishbone suspension at all 4 corners.

Styling is to be done in-house and is very in keeping with the rest of the range having design cues from the 8C and the Brera.


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