Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV

Tyre pressures:
- 185/70 HR14 and 185/HR 14 tyres, Front 1.7 Bar, Rear 1.8 Bar
- 195/60 HR15 tyres, Front 2 Bar, Rear 2 Bar

Service interval: 6,000 miles

Engine Oil Capacities: 5.6 Litres 10W 50 How to check your oil

Gearbox Oil Capacity: 2.88 Litres 80w 90

Cooling system: 8 Litres (3.65 Litres of anti freeze to protect to -35 Degrees C)

Fuel tank: 56 Litres

Brake fluid: DOT 4

Plug gap: .6mm

Ignition timing: F static advance, M maximum advance

Points gap (if fitted) .4mm

Ignition timing:
- 6/8 BTDC at idle (F Mark)
- 35-38 BTDC at 5100 rpm (M mark)

Steering geometry:
- Tracking, 1mm +/- 1mm toe out
- Camber, 1 Degree 14 minutes

Fan belt: should deflect ½ inch (13mm) when pressed with thumb

Anti freeze: should be a Ethylene-glycol based product and should be changed every 2 years

Engine oil specs: Agip 10w/50, Shell Helix G emini 10w/50

Exhaust emissions: less than or equal to 3.5% CO

Idle speed: 850/1000 RPM

Engine: Bore 84mm, stroke 88.5mm

Power: 130 bhp at 5,400 rpm

Max speed: 194.3 km/h

Turning Circle: 10.1 meters

Kerb weight: 1100kg

Towing gross weight: 1000kg

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