Alfa Romeo SZ

Tyre pressures: Front 2.2 bar, Rear 2.2 Bar, Spare 4.2 Bar

Service interval: 12,000 miles

Engine Oil Capacities: 6.7 Litres, 10w 40 How to check your oil

Gearbox Oil Capacity: 2.3 Litres, 75w 90

Power Steering: ATF Dextron II

Hydraulic fluid for suspension: LHM

Fuel tank: 67 Litres

Fuel grade: 95 RON

Brake fluid: DOT 4

Timing marks are on front pulley (F is the static mark, M is the maximum advance mark)

Plug gap: 0.024 inch (.6 mm)

Firing order: 1-4-2-5-3-6

Steering geometry:
- Tracking, 3mm toe in
- Camber, 2 Degrees +/-30 minutes

Fan belt: should deflect

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