Alfa Romeo Spider

Tyre pressures: Front 2.7 bar, Rear 2.5 bar. Spare 4.2bar.

Service interval: 12,000 miles (schedule | costs).

Engine Oil Capacities:
- 2.0 litre engine, 4.5 litres 10w40 (eg Selenia Oil).
- V6 3.0 litre engine, 7 litres 10w40 (eg Selenia Oil).

1 litre of oil between min and max. How to check your oil

Gearbox Oil Capacity: 2.0 Litres, 75w90.

Power Steering: ATF Dextron II

Petrol tank capacity: 70 Litres

Fuel grade: 95 RON

Brake fluid: DOT 4

Steering geometry:
- Tracking, 2mm toe out
- Camber, 0 Degrees 50 minutes +/-30 minutes

Anti freeze: should be a 50/50 mix using a Ethylene-glycol based product (eg Paraflu) and should be changed every 2 years

Exhaust emissions: .3% CO max

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