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Alfa Romeo Cam Belt Replacement on 1.6l and 1.8l TS engines


Remove upper rocker cover by undoing the 4 ribe fastners one on each corner, on early CF1 cars this will be alloy not plastic.


Remove coil packs and wiring from lower rocker cover, disconnecting air conditioning compressor and lambda sensor if fitted, place wiring loom and coil packs on near side of engine bay.


Remove rocker cover to expose camshafts.


Lift the car and make sure it is secure, then remove wheel and engine under trays.


Remove Auxiliary belt and cam belt covers. Note that there is no balancer shafts or belt. Picture is from below.


Ditto. Picture from above.


Rotate engine until locking tools fit on camshafts.


Remove spark plug from number 1 cylinder and replace with DTI.


Remove cam belt and tensioner, loosen the securing bolts for inlet and exhaust cam pulleys.


Remove and replace variator if required. Refit cam belt tensioner leaving securing bolt loose. Fit cam belt over all pulleys and tensioner, leaving all camshaft securing pulley bolts loose. Tension belt correctly and secure tensioner. TIGHTEN ALL CAMSHAFT SECURING BOLTS. Refit covers and electrics in the reverse order above, remembering to refit the coil packs earth strap.

Crankshaft pulley bolts 21-26 Nm 15-19 lb.ft

Timing belt tensioner nut 24-29 Nm 18-21 lb.ft

12 Nm 9 lb.ft

Inlet camshaft pulley bolts 12 Nm 9 lb.ft

Exhaust camshaft pulley bolt 100-124 Nm 74-91 lb.ft

Camshaft bearing cap bolts 13-16 Nm 10-12 lb.ft

Valve cover and timing belt cover bolts 9 Nm 7 lb.ft

Water pump bolts 17-21 Nm 13-15 lb.ft

Variator solenoid bolts 14-20 m 10-15 lb.ft

Adjust cam belt tensioner and then carefully tighten the camshaft securing bolts, refit parts using the reverse of the procedure above

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