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Changing the water pump and variator

Lift the car up and make sure it is safe using axle stands. Then remove the road wheel, you may find it easier if you loosen the wheel nuts while the car is on the ground.

Remove the under tray and side cover on the right hand side of the vehicle.

Using the correct size spanner de tension the auxiliary belt and while holding the tension off it remove the auxiliary belt

Remove crank shaft pulley and auxiliary idler, the auxiliary pulley may have a protective cover over the nut if it has it can be removed with a blade screw driver.

Undo the cam belt covers.

Remove the top engine cover and oil filler cap.

Remove the coil packs and then the rocker cover, making sure you disconnect the wiring loom from the air conditioning compressor.

Fit the DTI gauge and bring the crank up to TDC on number 1 cylinder

Fit the cam locking tools onto the correct camshafts on cylinder 2 and 3, you may need to rotate the crank through 360 degree's to get the engine on the correct cylinders.

Unscrew the variator using the special tool, once it is loose you need to loosen the four ribe bolts in its centre.

Loosen the bolt in the centre of the exhaust cam pulley so it can move freely, REMEMBER to do this up once you have fitted the new belt and tensioned it correctly.

Put a small amount of lock tight on the thread of the variator and screw it back in remember that the pulley securing bolts have to be left loose until after the belt has been tightened and only then can they be torqued up.

Put the new water pump on the bench and put a small amount of sealer round the gasket mating face and stick the gasket to it and allow to dry for a short while.

Remove the old water pump, as you loosen it the coolant will come out of the engine and this needs to be collected and disposed of carefully. Then fit the new water pump, at this point it is best to top up the coolant and pressure test the system to make sure you dont have a leak.

Fit the new cam belt, note the direction arrows on it.

Tension the cam belt using the correct tool.

Make sure the piston is at top dead centre on number one cylinder, then tighten the cam shaft drive pulleys.

Re fit cam caps, making sure they go in the same place and the same way round as you removed them.

Replace spark plug and then refit the parts in the reverse order you removed them.

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