COVID-19 Message Updated: 1st Oct
Mail Order Customers:
Our carrier DHL is operating near normally across the world with its Air Express service. Allow an extra day for delivery (4 days for Australia and New Zealand), just in case.
  * For the UK only, Royal Mail are delivering the vast majority of orders on time according to our data, but is experiencing higher levels of staff absences, so there may some local delays.
  * We will be working normally and have a large warehouse full of parts that will help keep your car on the road. However, we are seeing some supply delays from factory lockdowns around the world.
Workshop Customers:
We have strict social distancing processes internally and disinfect daily (not least because we have staff in vulnerable groups). In the circumstances, we have had to close our waiting room. Our mechanics wear gloves at all times and we will disinfect your vehicle with our Zaflora sprays on handing back to you. We would respectfully ask you to show our staff the same courtesy. We also have full amount contactless payment systems.
  * In these times of fluctuating demand, it's highly advisable to book your vehicle in earlier than usual. We are currently very busy indeed.

Diagnostic check sheet

Diagnostic Sheet

Please take a moment to complete the Problem Checklist in the event one
or more of your concerns involve repairing any performance, noise or leak problems.
We welcome the opportunity to have the technicians test drive
your Alfa with you so you may point out any concerns you may have.


Has the problem been previously diagnosed or worked on? Yes - No

Can problem/symptom be duplicated on a test drive? Yes - No

How often does it occur? Always - Intermittant

After what length of time? Hours - Minutes

On which road condition?

Smooth, Bumpy, Pothole, Speed, bumps,
Motorways, uphill, downhill, Turning

In which type of weather?

Sunny, Rain, Fog, Snow, Ice, Windy

Road Speed? - MPH

When vehicle is loaded or unloaed? driver, driver+pasenger, Fully loaded

Have you noticed any leaks on the vehicle? Yes - No

If Yes please state location and colour of fluid leaking.

Have you noticed any noise? Yes - No

Location of noise?


Which type of noise does it make?

Squeak, Rattle, Knock, Buzz, Roar, Hum, Hiss, Whirr, Click,
Tap, Whistle,Creak, Groan, Gurgle, Scrape,
Rumble, Grind, Scream, Bang,Clunk, Whoosh, Screech

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