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Locating the chassis number on your Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo chassis numbers

Alfa Romeo chassis numbers have a number of different codes embedded within them.

A typical Alfa Romeo chassis number is ZAR 932 000 01388953 from this chassis number we can find out.

ZAR the Z is a country code and AR stands for Alfa Romeo

932 Is the model code, in this case a 156

000 is a filler to make the chassis number up to 17 digits as required by law

01388953 is the cars unique number, there is a * just in front of this part of the chassis number on the vehicle.

The chassis number can be found in a number of different places on the car depending on the year the cars production began.


All Alfa's after 2005 had the chassis number etched into the original windscreen.


On 159, Brear, Mito and Giulietta the chassis number is embossed under an access plate in the front foot well.


On the MiTo and Giulietta it is also on a chassis plate on the left hand side of the boot under the carpet.


On a 156, 147 and GT the chassis plate is on the front slam panel under the bonnet.


On the 145, 146, 155, 916 GTV, 916 Spider, 156, 147 and GT the chassis number is embossed on the right hand front strut top.


The chassis and engine number will be on your registration certificate, in the UK it is on page 2 of the V5c on the left hand side half way down (circled)


In the UK it is also on the MOT certificate (circled)

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